Frequently Asked Questions

How does credits work?

A credit is a unit for design. Each design requires 1 credit. Some free credits are given to users every week. Additional credits can be be bought (feature to be introduced soon). We also allow you to use your own OpenAI key.

Do you store my OpenAI key?

Your key is encrypted, and only stored in the browser i.e in your own device. We use it with every request to the API, but we never store it anywhere on our servers except for using it on the fly. It is also fully encrypted.

My design is pretty bad

We do our best to make sure that we generate a comprehensive and professional design based on your instructions. However, sometimes, because of nature of language models, it is hard to generate a perfect design. You should try recreating the same design 2-3 times to see if you can find something you like. If even after a few attempts you can get it, please definitely contact us and provide us your feedback.

How does referral system work?

Referrals get you two things - a place out of the waitlist, and additional free credits. If you are in the waitlist, having 5 referrals will get you out and you will be able to use the platform. If you are already using the platform, each referral will get you 10 extra credits. You can find your referral link at your profile. Anyone who clicks on your link before creating an account will be counted as a referral.

I do not want to use my OpenAI key

We totally understand. In that case, we are planning on adding the ability to buy credits directly from us instead of using your own key. We appreciate your patience. Meanwhile, please use your free credits.

Any plans on supporting react, and other frameworks?

Of course. Right now, we are starting with plain html code for all designs. But soon, we will be adding support for react, and other frameworks.